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Universitatea Dunarea de Jos din Galati

1. General description of the organisation.
The University of Galati was founded in 1947, by merging the Polytechnical Institute and the town's College of Education. Short after 1989 the University was named "Dunarea de Jos" (Low Danube) in keeping with the ancient name of the Galati county.
The "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati - UDJG - is today's most important higher education institution in South-Eastern Romania.
UDJG offers study programs in engineering and economics, in order to endow individuals with the necessary competences for an effective contribution to a fast changing society. This work is currently done by 17 faculties providing a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs to over 18,000 enrolled students.
Also, providing lifelong education courses is considered as one of the major missions of the University. Specific programs are thus offered to employees, job-seekers and various individuals willing to resume studying, start a new course or obtain recognition for past professional experience.
Research activities are carried out at UDJG as part of a regional and national effort. The scientific research lays emphasis on areas supporting the local industry demands, focusing on various fields, such as Sciences and technologies, Information and communication and Environmental sciences.
UDJG is either coordinator or partner in many national or European programs aiming at the development of curricula or the certification of competencies in various technical or economic fields. The results obtained in programs involving international collaboration - particularly programs like Socrates/Erasmus, PHARE or Leonardo da Vinci - are among the best achievements of the University.

2. Description of the Department participating in the project.
The Department of Computer of Science and Engineering (CSED) is part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering within the UDJG. The Department offers bachelor and master degrees in computer science and information technology, having as the primary educational goal to provide well qualified graduates for the industrial, social and economic environment at the national level. At the international level, specialists trained in the Department carry out their work in European countries, in the United States and Canada.
Research directions at the Department are focused on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, the main areas of research being e-Learning systems, Data mining and Human Computer Interaction. There is also a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and applications, as well as on bringing an important contribution to the funding of research programs at national and European level.
Many of these programs or projects pertain to the fields of Education and E-learning: - e-FormInfo - European Validation of Qualifications in IT degrees - Socrates/Minerva project
- EMICS - European Masters in Intelligent Computer Systems - Socrates/Erasmus project
- WeBLE - Web Based Learning Environment - Project within the FP5 / ARIADNE framework
- Forinfo - European Certification in IT - Phare Program
- ValeurTECH - Evaluation of International Students Internships - Leonardo da Vinci project.
The participation of the Department's members in congresses, conferences or other national and international events has helped to disseminate the results of their research activities.