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Polish Gypsum Association

Living with Gypsum:
Gypsum provides safety and protection against fire and effective thermal and acoustic insulation, every day comfort and convenience to the built environment. Speed and easy of assembly and finishing mean that constructing with gypsum products is economical and fast. The modern interior would be impossible without the versatility of gypsum as a building material. Eco-efficiency of gypsum products consist of: low energy intensity, recycled materials, low emission, insulation efficient, impact and fire resistant.

Industry Profile in UE:
With a turnover 10 billion Euros, the European gypsum industry operates 160 quarries and some 200 factories, generates employment directly 28,000 people and indirectly 85,000 people. It is one of the few fully integrated industry within the construction sector.

Our Mission:
Founded in 1999, Polish Gypsum Association (PGA) is a national association, based in Warszawa and registered in a polish commercial court. Its role is to promote the interest of the national gypsum industry. The supporting members are; Institute of Glass, Ceramics, Refractory and Construction Materials, Knauf, Lafarge, Norgips and Saint-Gobain. Our approach is to respond: technical, environmental, architectural and education needs. PGA is a member of EuroGypsum (international non-profit association established in 1961) and Construction & Real Estate Confederation.

Activities & Approach:
PGA is initiating information and communication programmes through joint projects on relevant technical, economic and legal matters, such as:
- Promoting Dry Wall System in Poland, including PR, events - participating in trade shows, conferences, ect.
- Developing new skills - Dry System Installer - in formal education procedures
- Developing standard and education materials for DWS Installer
- Creating new standard of quality for Dry Wall System projects and contacts
- Creating new competition -4100 Dry Wall System in EuroSkills, Portugal 2010
- Sponsoring of national team for Euroskills 2008 and 2010, specially for DWS competition (PSG team)
- Technical assistance for regulations, standardisation and final approvals
- Preparing programs of training for different levels of the participants education.

Krzysztof Baranowski                                            Maciej Dyja
     Secretary of the Board                                     President of the Board